I make websites that make sense.

About Me

I'm a user experience consultant in Charlotte, NC.

I approach my work from the principle that modern communications technology should help strengthen the bonds among people, rather than drive them apart. With a background in web design, technical writing, and user experience strategy, I’m able to attack design challenges from multiple angles in order to craft content, form, and flow that resonates with the audience and contributes to greater understanding of complex topics. My work has benefited large corporate clients including Wells Fargo, Wachovia, Ingersoll Rand, and R.J. Reynolds, along with numerous local businesses and non-profits.

I'm also a musician and a devout fan of the Detroit Red Wings. I try not to take it too personally when the Wings aren't living up to my lofty expectations...


  • Flat Design, Or Not

    Lately, it seems that in the debate between proponents of skeumorphic visuals and flat visuals, the flat side has been gaining traction. The “new Microsoft” is often held up as the mass-market tipping point that serves as proof of its mainstream acceptance. I’m still not there, and probably never will … Continue reading

  • Principles to Design By

    Working as a freelancer or consultant for much of my career, I’ve had the opportunity to work on a wide variety of projects with a similarly wide variety of clients and industries. While it’s natural to always want to provide our services in support of clients whose principles are in … Continue reading

  • 5 UX Tips That Will Help You Build Better SharePoint Sites

    Microsoft’s SharePoint has become a popular software tool used to manage everything from document repositories to full-blown intranets. While enterprise-scale SharePoint sites are typically built and maintained by dedicated specialist teams, the vast majority are much more of a do-it-yourself proposition, where individuals and teams take advantage of the tool’s … Continue reading